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What Others Are Saying

"I feel so much better since I've been seeing you that I want to let you know you have given me my life back! I appreciate this so much. I don't understand why CRT works, but what a difference! See ya Wednesday."
GC, Venice, FL

"Katy, thank you!! I feel like a new person after my CRT treatment the other day. I was way overdue, and could really feel the effects of it in numerous ways. My stomach, shoulders, & jaw were tense, tinnitus kicked up, sinuses stuffy, reflux, whopper headache, sleeplessness, foggy thinking, and irritability & anxiety swelling (no panic attacks, thankfully). By today, I am feeling WELL! All symptoms CLEAR, and I feel relaxed and rested. I'm so grateful for CRT, and your care!"
SFS, Sarasota, FL

Hey Kathleen,
Your hands and healing touch are pure magic. I cannot begin to explain the difference in my body from the time I left you for my first session. I have had no neck pain, my tremors seems to be less, my legs feel better and most of all the grief and sadness has lifted tremendously. I was even singing on the way home from you. Incredible actually and I call it magical. Your spirit is pure love and I look so forward to spending time with you.Fondly with much love and appreciation,
SS, Sarasota, FL

I just want to say thank you, Katy...I don't know what you did to my neck, but my neck feels better than it has in so long. Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you, thank you! See you in two weeks... RM, Myakka, FL

Oh my gosh, Katy! Thank you for a wonderful experience of CRT with Therapeutic Massage. My Chiropractor recommended I see you for Cranial Release Technique for treatment of Vertigo. (I've had various types of treatments by different specialists for Vertigo) No-one has ever given me the relief that I have now... KJ, Sarasota, FL

Katy, thank you for everything you did for me. My first experience with CRT was fabulous! I have told everyone what a miracle worker you are. Prior to treatment, I was suffering with nasal allergies/congestion. Immediately, my nasal passages opened and I was breathing through my nose. The inhaler you made with Essential Oils has also come in handy. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience... JD, Sarasota, FL

Wow. Ever since I began taking nutraMetrix OPC-3 my Vertigo is gone! Completely gone! I also really like the B-complex, Calcium Complete, and Greens powder drink. I have more energy, and now sleeping better, too. As for your therapeutic massage... well, you're the best! DD, Sarasota, FL

"Thank you SO MUCH for helping John this afternoon! He couldn't stop telling me about all the things you did and how it helped/how he liked it. I believe that between you and Steve he will be good to go by the weekend when we have to travel all day. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! " Sara H.

"I've noticed that since having CRT my memory is back! I no longer need to write everything down. I feel sharper, more organized. My body is more aligned and balanced now. I have more energy and feel GREAT!" — Jeannie, Sarasota FL

"I cannot say enough about the CRT treatment that Katy provides. After suffering with shoulder and neck pain and almost daily headaches, after a few treatments I feel so much better.  The daily headaches are gone and my neck and shoulders are pain free. If I do get a bit of pain or a headache, a trip to Katy and a CRT treatment solves the problem."
Bob, Sarasota, FL

"After experiencing CRT for a couple of months, I would definitely recommend this procedure. I have sleep issues and this has helped me tremendously. I would wake up in the middle of the night, toss and turn and normally would not go back to sleep.  But after CRT if I wake up at night, I will go back to sleep quicker and have a restful sleep.   Katy is so resourceful and helpful and is very concerned about your overall health.  Thanks Katy for everything! "
Candace, Sarasota, FL

As always, I welcome your questions and comments. Please feel free to contact me via email at, join me on my blog at, and follow me on Facebook.

"Relax, Unwind, Rebalance, and Rejuvenate"... for your health and wellness!


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