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CRT Savings Pass
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A Wellness Care Plan at it's core; Your central nervous system.

Beach Walk -to be announced. 

CRT Walk-in Wednesday. If you are an established CRT repicient, we welcome you to pop in for your CRT each Wednesday between 3 and 6pm.  (If you've not received CRT with us before, please schedule an appointment)

Wellness Walk. Please text, or call 941-780-1654 to register for the walking group. Updates occur weekly for locations, dates, and times available.  Look forward to seeing you!  

Natural Wellness Solutions,  Due to the growth in attendance, we are now hosting these events monthly at a local hotel conference room!  We have Saturday and Wednesday events available. You must register, so we know how best to prepare... You'll  hear about the health benefits of CRT, Enjoy tasty treats infused with Essential Oils, Experience the many benefits and uses of Essential Oils, and enjoy a time of refreshment visiting with others.  Text or call 941-780-1654, or email to register.

This month's blog post coming SOON!

Becoming a Health Coach through IIN is an opportunity I'm thankful for. If you've ever considered becoming a Health Coach, please click the image below to find out more...

IIN _ Become a Health Coach

Just one more "why" we are such advocates about a "whole" wellness protocol with CRT at the CRT Wellness Center of Sarasota. With 80% plus of the Central Nervous System residing in the cranium, (thus, cranial based wellness care), CRT helps "flush" toxins and sets the table for an internal environment for a road either back to wellness, or maintaining wellness. CRT, proper Nutrition, a Healthy lifestyle, which is a broad subject in itself... all make for the opportunity for Optimal Health and Wellness.

Enjoy this beautiful day... and may God bless you abundantly!

Check back often for upcoming events and seminars...

Looking forward to seeing you!

As always, I welcome your questions and comments. Please feel free to contact me via email at, join me on my blog at, and follow me on Facebook.

"Relax, Unwind, Rebalance, and Rejuvenate"... for your health and wellness!


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